(VIDEO) GeoDrone: French Post tests delivery drones

After the hydrogen quadricycles MobyPost that we presented last September, the French Post continues to innovate and tests delivery drones. More specifically it is the subsidiary GeoPost (express mail)...

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Tesla upgrades the Roadster with up to 50% more range!

The Roadster 3.0 consists in an upgrade of the existing car, Tesla pushes the envelope by taking advantage of the experience gained with the Model S. Improvements in the Roadster 3.0 are focused on...

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(VIDEO) Gogoro the Autolib of electric scooter with battery swap station at CES

For the 2015 Las Vegas CES that opens tomorrow, we expect a lot of autonomous and connected cars as the previous years, but a former exec of HTC also has a surprise.   Horace Luke, former director of...

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MercedesF015_CES (3).jpg

(VIDEO) Mercedes F015 Luxury in movement is autonomous and hydrogen hybrid

The Las Vegas CES that opens today is the trendy show automakers, their most high-tech concepts are introduced there, here is the Mercedes F015 a vision of the automotibe in 2030. This limousine with...

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(VIDEO) Audi A9 e-tron, 9 like 950nm of torque!

In addition to the A7 Sportback Piloted Driving named "Jack" who came to the CES after a journey of 560 miles, Audi presents an electrified version (e-tron) of the A9, a concept of Audi A8 coupe like Mercedes...

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2016AcuraNSX (3).jpg

(VIDEO) Series Honda NSX revealed in Detroit, wants to eat the Bmw i8

Honda (and Acura) kept teasing the replacement for their legendary supercar, it is this year's Detroit Auto Show that sees the production version of the new NSX, more aggressive than the concept, it keeps...

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Cross Coupé GTE, the new Touareg gets a 360hp plug-in hybrid engine

On the occasion of the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen presents another SUV concept called Cross Coupe but in a plug-in hybrid version, GTE! The GTE powertrain was the center of attention in all the VW...

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Chevrolet Bolt, GM’s answer to the Leaf is a $30,000 and 200miles range crossover

For the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet presents the 100% electric pendant of its Volt - whose new model, more consensual is also unveiled on the show - here's a new electric car following the Chevrolet Spark...

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RayttleE28 (3).jpg

(VIDEO) Renault Twizy Chinese clone has doors, costs half!

Here is further evidence of the Chinese know-how in copies, a replica of the Renault Twizy named Rayttle E28, it announces more autonomy for a price halved! The manufacturer's name is Zhejiang Litong...

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Hyperloop, Elon Musk wants you to travel at 1000kph in tubes!

Elon Musk – again – plans to revolutionize mobility and transport, having revolutionized the automobile with Tesla, space with Space X, he now attacks the short-haul with the ultra fast Hyperloop. In...

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