(VIDEO) Bultaco Motors’ new electric bike unveiled

The spanish brand Bultaco is back on the front of the stage with an electric bike. The official presentation of the motorcycle was held today and the brand gives us a series of videos in which we learn...

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Bike Intermodal (2).jpg

Bike Intermodal, a €1.58million folding bike

Here is a folding bicycle whose function goes with its name, the Intermodal Bike aims to develop intermodality. Under study for the past 4 years, it is supported by a European Union fund (FP7) with €...

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Shell Eco Marathon: a world tour with 12.5liters of gasoline

This is the catchy title of the press release that perfectly pictures the technological advances and the level of efficiency of the vehicles presented. The Shell Eco Marathon is an event that takes place...

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A plug-in hybrid 911 in development (911 e-hybrid) ?

A plug-in hybrid 911 in development (911 e-hybrid) ?   As you know, Porsche is a manufacturer of sports-cars which emphasizes on efficiency and technology (Porsche Intelligent Performance) . Take for...

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(VIDEO) DriverlessCars, here is Google’s first prototype vehicle

A few days ago, Google announced that they chose the electric Chevy Spark for a pilot program, today the Internet Giant reveals another project, an electric car developed in-house!   The Spark’s program...

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(VIDEO) Mini Superleggera Vision: is Mini thinking about a real Roadster?

At the Villa d’Este Concours d'Elegance, which took place last weekend on Lake Como, Mini introduced a concept of electric roadster developed with the coachbuilder Touring Superleggera ! It is true that...

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Wattmobile, the other french electric carsharing program arrives next month

When we talk about electric carsharing we often think Bolloré and Autolib but a new player is coming with a specific target, Wattmobile will be located in train stations and dedicated to professionals!   Wattmobile...

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(VIDEO) Deliver Project: EU funds a purpose-built electric Light Commercial Vehicle

Here is another innovative vehicle developed by a German University. Aachen’s RWTH as built a prototype of light commercial vehicle, urban and electric to answer the needs of professionals. The Deliver...

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