(VIDEO) Fomm Concept One is an electric “water-world spaceship” that welcomes 4 people in 2.49m!

Here is a premiere for the least unexpected, the Japanese company Fomm founded in 2013 has revealed an electric city-car that is flood proof, the Fomm Concept One.Imagined for the heavy rainfall and flooding...

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(VIDEO) 2014 Volkswagen electric cars - prices & specs

To conquer the market of electric vehicles, VW deploys a complete range that includes an electric city car e-Up, an electric compact car e-Golf and finally an electrified alternative, the Golf GTE a powerful...

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(VIDEO) Solar Stratos to the edge of space with solar energy, wants to bring you there by 2018

Here is Raphael Domjan’s new challenge, the founder and head of expedition of Planet Solar wants to reach the stratosphere with a solar electric plane!The official announcement has been made in Yverdon...

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(VIDEO) TS040 - 1000hp for Toyota’s hybrid race car

We mentioned it on March 12 with an article about the 2014 LMP1s, this week, Toyota revealed the specs sheet of their hybrid LMP1 that becomes 4WD and whose power surges to 1000hp!This is not Toyota’s...

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