(VIDEO) Reevolt e-käfer : electric conversion kit for the classic Beetle at 12.000€

Germans from Karabag already offered an electric car based on the new generation Fiat 500 for over 3 years now. In partnership with Wemag they just revealed their new product, an electric Beetle or rather...

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(VIDEO) Personal transportation vehicles X-Robot at Interbike 2013

At the Interbike Bicycle Show in Las Vegas, a Chinese company, Shanghai New Century presented personal transportation vehicles (branded X-Robot), which draw heavily on models and concepts already presented...

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Tesla Motors wants to build an autonomous car!

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors said last week to the Financial Times that like the Google Car, road trains projects from Volvo or Mercedes with the Intelligent drive technology and even Nissan, Tesla...

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(VIDEO) Nissan launches the first electric car-sharing service in Japan - ChoiMobi

While in France the car-sharing market is dominated by the Bolloré Group’s AutoLib – with the Renault Twizy, yet suited to urban use remaining limited to two cities with the Twizy Way service – it is Nissan...

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French Bonus - Malus, official projected figures for 2014 – up to 8.000€ taxes!

Official figures have been announced Wednesday as part of the 2014 budget proposal at the council of ministers.Bonuses do not move with 200 to € 7.000 below 105g/km.2014 Bonus for hybrid and electric cars-Electric...

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