(VIDEO) The Flying Bike makes inaugural flight

We told you about the project from these three Czechs companies, Technodat, Duratec and Evektor in partnership with Dassault Systèmes back in April 2012, the project was then called FBike and was supposed...

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(VIDEO) Porsche back in 24h of Le Mans in 2014 with an hybrid LMP1

For several years now Audi has been dominating the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Last year, Audi's R18 E-tron and diesel cars topped the three first positions. But Porsche just announced its return for 2014 in...

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The first 4WD Aston Martin is a plug-in hybrid DB9!

Aston Martin just presented a prototype under development in partnership with Bosch for nearly a year, it is a plug-in hybrid DB9 whose technology confers an additional two wheel drive at the front with...

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(VIDEO) Le Bourget 2013: reveal of a 6-seater electric aircraft PC-Aero "Elektro E6"

The company PC-Aero which has already developed small electric airplanes (Elektra One - Elektra Two) has partnered with EADCO (a German consulting firm in Aeronautics) to offer the first 6-seater electric...

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(VIDEO) 2013 Paris Air Show EADS E-FAN, an electric airplane for training purposes

The Paris Air Show, which opened its doors yesterday allows small companies as a PC-Aero to present their projects and innovations but also mainstream groups, such as EADS that presents the E-Fan a demonstrator...

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(VIDEO) Siemens EADS DA36 E-Star 2 the range-extender plane gets updated

While EADS highlights the E-Fan and E-Thrust technologies, Siemens presents the new developments of the DA36 E-Star 2 a Diamond Aircraft equipped with a range extender technology (series hybrid) developed...

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(VIDEO) Scrooser : Iconic kickscoot on kickstart - electric motor as bonus

You know the principle of the pedelec, the electric motor boosts your effort when you push on the pedals. The Scrooser is based on the same principle with an electric assistance that stops at 25kph - on...

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(VIDEO) Battery Swap : Better Place is dead, long live the Model S Fast Pack Swap

The Californian company had communicated on this possibility in the early development of the Model S, but since the beginning of its launch no official announcement came to confirm what remained a rumor...Tesla...

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Autolib: it is Bluely in Lyon and Bluecub in Bordeaux

It was announced, the electric car-sharing service from the group Bolloré was bound to expand in other French cities, including Lyon and Bordeaux but no name had been announced, they are now official!...

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(VIDEO) Silex Power promises the Chreos electric sedan for 2015, reveals the size of the battery pack and interior!

We discovered this concept-car with surprise in February, four months later, Silex Power, a Maltese company specializing in renewable energies (wind, solar, water) reveals new information and animation.The...

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