(VIDEO) H-Ker First on the race track - as good as a 34hp electric bike can get - a 150hp e-bike for the 2014 TTXGP

The company H-Ker has presented the final version of the First, a race electric motorcycle designed for track initiation, and offered a few laps of the Circuit Carole  to reporters / testers aboard of...

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Tesla posts first benefits, stock rise accordingly

The electric sports car manufacturer Tesla is profitable for the first time in its young history. Prooving that the zero-emission car has a present and a future ... At least in the premium segment!After...

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2013 TT Zero: Mugen Shinden back on the Isle of Man!

This year, for the fifth edition, the race of the Isle of Man (IOMTT) will have a zero emissions version, the TT Zero, and to better challenge the Motoczysz bikes who took the first two places last year,...

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(VIDEO) TommyKaira is reborn as an EV sports-car, “ZZ emblem is back“, 0 to 100kph in 3.9 seconds!

TommyKaira is an independent Japanese manufacturer created in 1997, it became famous worldwide with the help of GranTurismo, they built 200 sports-cars completely by hand.In partnership with GreenLordMotors...

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The new Peugeot 308’s greenest version emits as little CO2 as the Golf 7 BlueMotion

Although its name remains, the new Peugeot 308 has been completely modified. It also breaks new ground in many areas and excels in reducing CO2 emissions. The 308 has been originally launched in September...

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Renault technical partner of the Formula E

Renault just announced an agreement with Spark Racing Technology as a technical partner of this company managed by Frederic Vasseur and responsible of developing 42 electric cars for the FIA Formula E...

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(VIDEO) 2014 S-Class, four engines, two hybrids, emissions from 115g/km (S400 and S300 BlueTEC HYBRID)

Mercedes revealed yesterday in Hamburg the world premiere of the new S-Class, the current generation was only available in a petrol hybrid petrol variant the S400, but the 2014 generation optimizes the...

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French company McPhy bets on solid hydrogen storage

McPhy is developing a solution for storing hydrogen in a solid form. In a car, the hydrogen powers a fuel cell that recharges the batteries, eliminating problems of autonomy and/or weight related to batteries.This...

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Mitsubishi returns to Pikes Peak 2013 with the i-Miev Evolution II

After the return of TMG - the winners of last year - with the TMG EV P002 DriveEO’s surprise participation with the eO PP01, Mitsubishi just announced its return to achieve a better score that the second...

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(VIDEO) The Gumball 3000 offsets its carbon emissions and welcomes Tesla Model S and Roadster!

The 15th edition of the craziest racing (and most illegal), the Gumball 3000 has been launched a few days ago in Copenhagen, this event bringing together the world’s most impressive supercars has decided...

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