Citroen C-Zero and Nissan Leaf’s prices are getting (much) sweeter!

In order to compete with the new generation of compact electric cars, more specifically the Renault Zoé, the EV manufacturers update their prices.Citroen C-ZeroNew promotion for the C-Zero, after the leasing...

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(VIDEO) Aston Martin reveals its Hydrogen Hybrid Rapide S

Update of April 12 article with a picture of the car on the starting grid of the VLN races in which it participates this week-end and a video of the car on a straight line...A few weeks ago, Aston Martin...

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(VIDEO) Hyundai E4U, one out of seven concepts built this year by the brand - for an awesome Idea Festival!

The Hyundai E4U concept recently buzzed over the internet following its presentation at the Seoul Auto Show. Today, Hyundai reveals that this vehicle has been created in-house by the brand’s engineers...

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(VIDEO) Ford Fiesta + Schaeffler : Fiesta E-wheel drive, a back-wheel drive electric Fiesta!

Update of April 13th article with a videoTwo in-wheel motors are installed at the rear of the Ford Fiesta E-Wheel Drive, it has been engineered by the German company Schaeffler.After the 2-wheeler market,...

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(VIDEO) EV Taiwan 2013 - Simplo Technology revives Opel youngtimers as electric vehicles

The Taiwanese company Simplo Technology specializes in the design and sale of batteries, to demonstrate their expertise they have developed several demonstrators nammed EV-1, EV-2 and EV-3, the last two...

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(VIDEO) We take a ride in the iQ EV – 19 cars arrive to Taiwan in car-sharing by the end of April

After introducing the Toyota iQ EV and announced that it wouldn’t not be sold, Toyota launches a second experimental program of its electric city-car, this time in Taiwan.During the 2013 EV Taiwan show,...

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(VIDEO) Tesla Model S, the first commercial is a 5.18min demo 5:18 min

Tesla had never published a commercial, leaving to fans the pleasure of promoting the brand and models. Their electric sedan, the Model S inaugurates the genre with a presentation in 5 minutes of the features...

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(VIDEO) TARC 96V electric motorcycle, a demonstrator showing the way to manufacturers – EV Taiwan

On the 2013 EV Taiwan show, a consortium supported by the government presented local technologies and their applications in vehicles. The mission of the TARC (Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium) is...

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(VIDEO) Meneghina Express from Shanghai to Milan with electric motorcycles

13.000km in 40days is the challenge that Nicola Colombo and Valerio Fumagalli set themselves, a trip from Shanghai to Milan through 10 countries with two Zero Motorcycles Zero FX.Brand new model, half...

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Polaris Industries continues to expand, acquires Aixam Mega (please build EV Mega Track and MonteCarlo!)

We had the opportunity to talk about Polaris Industries a few times: for their Ranger EV electric buggy, for the acquisition of Goupil, the launch of their brand of electric bicycle and also their stake...

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