DiMora’s electric Jetski

Maybe this name says nothing to you, they are the creators of a 2million $ luxury sedan, the NATALIA SLS 2 (attached picture) that’s already something! But now they have a new project I’m more interested...

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Towards a sustainable Le Mans series

10 out of 13! Most of us probably were not aware of this figure but that’s the number of teams using biofuel, precisely second generation biofuel : cellulosic E85. In those teams: Corvettes, Porsches,...

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Fast EV charge are you there ?

Charge time is one the biggest barrier to EV globalisation, a quick charge system would completely change consumer’s perception of the electric mobility viability. But it seems that JFE engineering corp.’s...

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Yamaha’s e-scooter

The EC-03, developed around the concept of a « Smart Minimal Commuter » is to be sold from September 1st in Tokyo and a month later in Japan. Comparable to a 50cc, the combination of Sanyo’s 50V Lithium...

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Toyota and Tesla, operating synergies

After the $50 million stake bought by Toyota in Tesla, we heard today that Tesla is developing battery powered test versions,  with a price target of $40.000 and a 150 miles range (240 km). The rumours,...

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Brammo Empulse

Brammo on its way to the top, with an affordable performance bike.With the technology developed for the Enertia (their first release), the whole world realized they had not only an idea but also the skills,...

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Roehr eSuperBike

Following Brammo’s announcement, Roehr revealed a performance bike range.Roehr’s bike is also derived from a race version developed for TTXGP and the FIM ePower. There is three different models available,...

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Volkswagen’s strategy exposed

Dr. Martin Winterkorn VW’s chairman confirmed the brand commitment to e-mobility. Innovation is the key with over 5 billion Euros a year spend in R&D. Their strategy, started with hybrids : with the released...

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An electric Helicopter

Sikorsky Innovations, the technology development company of Sikorsky Aircraft announced today that they developed an all-electric helicopter technology demonstrator. The Firefly will be unveiled on July...

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On board for a record setting lap

KleenSpeed, a company founded by Timothy Collins produces battery management systems, power electronics, battery modules, ev motors. Taking advantage of their skills, and with the help of West Racecars,...

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