Electric specs

All the advantages of an electric vehicle available now!

Buying a new vehicle, it seems that more and more people are likely to choose an electric car!

And that is normal, there is a great awareness of our planet’s needs and people want to get involved in creating a better world for our children .So when it comes to cars, buying an electric car and reducing Greenhouse gas emission, is part of their new commitment, a true communion with Mother Earth.

Researchers lead technological evolution in respect with our Planet, guaranteeing a pure and safe environment for the future .It is time to fight increasing pollution and its appalling consequences for our civilization.

How to choose my electric car? and find the latest information on electric cars , the ones that are currently available on the market and how to follow the arrival of future electric cars, the best ecologic/economic deals.

That’s when we come in, as actors of this change we have decided to encourage this innovation, offering every citizen comprehensive information on a large range of electric cars.

Contrary to what many people think, they are not Toy cars , but cars of the future and future is definitely on the way ! and that is why we are here, to help you sort it all out :