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(VIDEO) LA Auto Show: Mini’s latest vehicle is an electric scooter

The brand Mini is the most urban and lifestyle in the automotive landscape, as its always funnier and sporty versions of the city car prove it, but the brand is also thinking of the last miles with this...

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80 Day Race, the most ambitious electric vehicle race

There are several electric cars races / challenges with national or European routes such as the Wave, e-Silvretta or E-Miglia to name only a few - we also try to identify and list a maximum in green events...

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Audi_A7_h-tron (2).jpg

(VIDEO) Audi A7 H-Tron, hydrogen is So Cal!

While we introduced yesterday two Japanese hydrogen sedans, the Toyota Mirai and Honda FCV, on the LA Auto Show Audi also reveals an H-Tron fuel cell prototype!   The A7 Sportback H-Tron is a technology...

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RX1E: a Chinese electric aircraft

We regularly introduce new electric aircrafts, this is the first "series" coming from China.   Indeed, after the USA and Europe with the Slovenes from Pipistrel as leaders, China -who leads the dance...

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Fuel cell, the new technological race for Japanese manufacturers?

The same week for the LA Auto Show Honda and Toyota, two manufacturers actively start a race for hydrogen/fuel-cell powertrain - but others are also expected as Audi with the H-Tron technology and a rumor...

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Bylot_e-formidable (2).jpg

The Bylot e-formidable electric bike hails to the 60s

After our discovery of impressive prototypes of electric motorcycles by Italjet on the EICMA Show, we found another interesting new product that has yet escaped the headlines and that we present nearly...

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Italjet’s next electric bike is 125kph of awesomeness

The company Italjet is known for its scooters with extreme looks, but since the 2011 EICMA show we discovered the Diablo, an electric bike with cool looks but relatively consensual - for the 2014 edition...

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Bugatti Veyron successor in sight, a 1500hp hybrid hypercar called Chiron

After a career punctuated by limited editions and superlatives, the first hypercar to have crossed the 1000hp barrier is about to be replaced, here are the first indiscretions about the car that should...

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VW achieves 272hp with a 4-cylinder diesel thanks to an electric booster

After Audi that unveiled a concept of RS5 TDI with 385hp and 750nm last June, this is the Volkswagen group that reveals the first series diesel engine to offer a ratio of hp per liter equally impressive.   During...

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Francois_Gissy_Rocketbike (5).jpg

(VIDEO) The fastest accelerating vehicle is a (rocket) bicycle, 0 to 333kph in 4.8 seconds!

Last week on the Paul Ricard race track HTTP, Francois Gissy won/ripped a new speed record on a bicycle reaching 333kph in 4.8 seconds!   Set on November 7th this new record surpasses the one set by the...

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