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(VIDEO) Amsterdam’s airport gets 167 Tesla Model S as taxis!

Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol wants to set the benchmark in terms of ecology and has launched a fleet of 167 electric taxis, and to make sure clients and drivers welcome the service in the best of ways,...

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Audi and Mercedes future cars at the 2014 LA Auto Show

While the Paris Auto Show focused on frugal engines with vehicles consuming only 1 to 2l per 100km or with the deployment of the GTE engine in VW's range, the Los Angeles Auto Show seems to herald a new...

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Test: Lexus NX300h, on a light throttle

The long awaited little brother of the RX450h - which made the reputation of the Japanese brand - arrives in showrooms, so we decided to test Lexus' new hybrid crossover that expands the range with a more...

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(VIDEO) Review, we test Renault's 1l per 100km car, the EOLAB prototype

Presented as a concept-car at the Paris Auto Show, there is a second EOLAB vehicle the world, it is the running prototype that we got the opportunity to try this weekend on the CERAM racetrack in Mortefontaine.  EOLAB...

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Tecnicar_Lavinia (2).jpg

Tecnicar Lavinia SE an Italian electric supercar

Having developed small electric trains and a urban micro 4 seater called Genius, the Italian family company Tecnicar launches into the deep by announcing an electric supercar with 800hp! The company...

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(VIDEO) Freeflow Saltire, an electric bike with infinite range!

Meil MacMartin, a Scotsman of just 30 years has invented an electric bike with an innovative technology that eliminates the need of recharge, roughly, the bracket drives a small generator that supplies...

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(VIDEO) Tesla D, the Model S gets a second engine, now a 4WD with 691hp

At the opening of the Paris Motor Show, Elon Musk made the buzz by announcing the letter D, finally, it's not a new model but an evolution of the Model S which carries the letter D.    The Model SD is...

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Infiniti_Q80 (1).jpg

Infiniti Q80, 550ch in a hybrid sedan - Panamera and A7 in sight

The Japanese premium brand Infiniti presents on the 2014 Paris Salon its ambitions, they want to compete with the german luxury sedans with the Q80. Infiniti already has sedans in its range, the Q50...

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Everyn_BMWi3EVO (7).jpg

BMW i3 Evo by Everyn, when the i3 becomes a headturner showcar

The Japanese tuner Everyn - Energy Motorsport specialized in BMWs has revealed an i3 EVO transforming the electric city car - and its already futuristic design- in a sporty and racy beast!    The front-end...

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The Ford Mondeo goes hybrid

After the success of its efficient powertrain 1.0l EcoBoost three-cylinder, engine of the year 2012, 2013 and 2014, Ford continues to lower its range's average CO2 emissions and announces an hybrid sedan,...

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