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(VIDEO) 2016 Chevrolet Volt - the test mule on snow

After initial informations on the technology that will power the new series hybrid sedan (with range extender) the new Chevy Volt makes its video debut on snow! Indeed the 2016 Volt keeps this series...

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Battery swap on the Tesla Model S starts this week – Fast Pack Swap

The rumour was around since the early hours of the Model S, but for now, the Californian brand was focusing mainly its communication on the Superchargers (1748 worldwide in 312 stations) and very little...

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(VIDEO) Fly like a bird with Birdly

If you have always dreamed of flying like a bird, thanks the University of Zurich in partnership with the Design and Research Institute Ide, it is now a reality with a simulator that reproduces movements...

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Toyota Mirai detailed in videos

First hydrogen car to be mass-produced and sold worldwide, the Toyota Mirai is already victim of its success, in fact, soon after its launch, the manufacturer has already announced that demand exceeded...

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Ouch! A brand new Porsche 918 Spyder crashes in China

The Porsche 918 Spyder is the most ultimate Porsche, a 887hp hybrid hypercar that costs € 777,997 in France, while all the units are reserved or already delivered, it hurts to see a brand new one meet...

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ACCIONA EcoPowered Dakar 05.jpg

(VIDEO) Electric car for the Dakar by ACCIONA

Several Rallye cars in electric or hybrid have been presented as the 207 S2000 Rally-e, Tim Coronel's buggy or the Oscar EO - until now none had enough range for an entire race as the Dakar - but the Spanish...

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LaFerrari FXX K, debuts on track!

The news came ast week, not happy enough with their hybrid hypercar LaFerrari, the brand presented as it does with each of his rare models - the Enzo for example - an even more extreme version of called...

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BMW plug-in.jpg

BMW plug-in hybrids, all the core models

BMW has just revealed a new plug-in hybrid technology adaptable across the range and announces upcoming models, a plug-in hybrid 3 Series and concepts of new generation hybrid vehicles. According to...

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Tomahawk_DubucSLC (2).jpg

Dubuc SLC readies an electric sports car made in Quebec

After Lito Green Motion and the Sora electric superbike coming from Canada, it is on 4 wheels that Dubuc Motors wants to show off with an electric sports car! Just after presenting the Tomahawk a kit...

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Leap for the Leaf, 400km+ range for the next Nissan Leaf

During an interview to a Japanese media (Tokyo News Channel) Carlos Ghosn gave tips about the range of the next Nissan Leaf whose range could double and reach 400km! Thanks to new motors and batteries...

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