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2016 Paris Motor Show : Zoe with a 400km range and the concept TREZOR

A few days before the opening of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Renault announces an electric car concept in line of the DeZir concept that is called TREZOR, and yet just a photo teaser... Additionnally, it...

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You can pay 33€/week for an electric vehicle! (VIDEO)

A start-up named Amber Mobility from Netherlands recently unveiled a service that gives access to an electric vehicle for only 33€ per week. The service is based on a subscription system that allows users...

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New speed record for Venturi: 549.43kph for the VBB-3

At last! We have introduced the "series" Venturi Buckeye Bullet, VBB and its new episodes over the years, after a record in 2009 with a fuel cell and then in 2010 with the 100% electric Jamais Contente...

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Spiri, Denmark’s Autolib is here (VIDEO)

The Danish company Spiri has developed its own fleet of electric vehicles. The service is set to start in 2017. The cost of the service will be in line with the cost of urban transportation in Danish cities. The...

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Smart ED 2017.jpg

2016 Paris Auto Show: new Smart Electric Drive - in 2 and 4 seats

The new Smart launched this year and designed in partnership with Renault (that offers the Twingo based on the same platform) will receive a new electrified version Smart Electric Drive and more specifically...

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The Panamera 4 E-hybrid is Porsche’s newest asset (VIDEO)

For Porsche, hybrid vehicles don’t just save fuel. They’re also fun to drive too. Expect to see the Porsche Panamera E-hybrid in US showrooms this summer. In France, the vehicle will be present at the...

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Hyundai: the Ioniq hybrid priced at 26,100 € (VIDEO)

By proposing the Ioniq hybrid at 26,100€ this October, Hyundai is confidently moving its checkers on the hybrid check board. The carmaker has clearly declared war to its main rival, Toyota. The hybrid...

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Moneghette_EV_kickscooter 3.jpg

Electric SuperKickscooter: the 100kph Moneghette!

Here is the raciest and certainly fastest electric kickscooter, an unidentified rolling object designed by Eduard Bockaj, a project born to move itself, therefore he created the electric kickscooter of...

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160km range for the 2017 BMW C-evolution electric scooter

After a first version launched in 2014, the electric scooter C evolution by BMW is making a comeback: two newly-perfected versions will be revealed at the next Paris Auto Show.   A practical solution...

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VW_EV_concept (4).jpg

2016 Paris Auto Show: VW's EV Concept car

  Update of August 30th article with the first images of Volkswagen's electric concept car exepcted for the 2016 Paris Auto Show   Volkswagen (VW) is still haunted by the « DieselGate » scandal, but...

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