2016 Taiwan Int'l Electric Vehicles Show

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Marguerite_EV_2CV (2).jpg

COP21 special a 2Cv converted to electric - Green Classic

If you do not live in Paris "4 roues sous un parapluie" probably tells you nothing but this company founded by Florent Dargnies offers since 12 years tours of Paris in the legendary 2CV, a retro experience...

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New Citroën electric vehicle, the e-Mehari ?

On the occasion of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Citroën introduced its Cactus M, a mix between the Cactus and the Mehari and a few days before we announced that Citroën had also patented the name e-Mehari.....

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Formula E: Drivers replaced by machines - Roborace

Technological showcase, the electric Formula 1 - Formula E - continues to lead the way for the future of motorsport, after a first season last year, many new circuits and world capitals - including Paris...

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Gogoro, after Taiwan, the electric scooter arrives in Europe

We presented them earlier this year on the occasion of the CES in Las Vegas, the Gogoro is an electric scooter with a battery exchange solution!   Founded by a former employee of HTC, the company had...

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BMW-eRR (3).jpg

After the electric scooter here is BMW’s electric motorcycle eRR

As the EICMA show approaches - the Milan Motorcycle Show which opens its doors next week - BMW reveals a concept of electric superbike, the eRR     Electric Supersport eRR   The BMW eRR is an experimental...

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Lexus_LF_FC (1).JPG

(VIDEO) Lexus LF-FC - the brand's future flagship explores the fuel cell

After the concepts of 2-door coupe that Lexus presented in the recent years (LF-LC and LF-CC), the brand tests the 4-door coupe like the 6 Series Grancoupé, A5 Sportback or Mercedes CLS which launched...

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Tokyo 2015, the Leaf's future is autonomous and has 60kWh range - Nissan IDS

While a test fleet of autonomous Leaf has been launched in Japan and that the 2015 version of the Leaf announces 26% more range at 250km, it is a concept-car that foreshadows the evolution of the brand...

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(VIDEO) Honda NSX 2016 - final specs sheet

It is through its US branch – Acura, that the series model NSX surfaces, it will be premiered at the Los Angeles Auto Show that will open its doors next month! In development since 2012 Honda is refining...

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(VIDEO) Morgan EV3 – Morgan’s electric three-wheeler as the range of a Nissan Leaf!

We were expecting it at GoodWood but it has been quiet there… Nonetheless the prototype of electric Morgan 3-wheeler does exist and its performance are rather interesting! Here is a focus on this car as...

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Geely London Cab + = PHEV TX5

The London Taxi is one of the most iconic just as New York's Yellow Cab, therefore various companies aim to buiild its replacement (ie Metrocab) with a more updated style and tech!   Two years ago, one...

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