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(VIDEO) Sweden: world’s first electric highway opens for trial

As futuristic as it may seem, electric and hybrid vehicles are going to be part of the landscape whether we want it or not. The German engineering company Siemens strongly believes in the success of its...

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Grimsel, the electric race car smashes the 0 to 100kph world record

The electric race car, dubbed “Grimsel” and developed by ETH Zurich and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts for the Academic Motorsports Club Zurich (AMZ), set a new world record. It went...

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The X-57 hybrid electric plane by NASA

The naming of the plane and historic facts about the plane  NASA recently unveiled the X-57, a model of a hybrid electric research plane. This lightweight plane was dubbed « Maxwell » in honour of the...

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(VIDEO) Olli: the 1st self-driving vehicle by Local Motors

Local Motors, the leading vehicle technology integrator and creator of the world’s first 3D-printed cars have introduced Olli, their first-ever self-driving vehicle. Olli will be used on public roads...

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(VIDEO) The GreenGT H2 at the 24h Le Mans 2016!

In development since 2011, this hydrogen race car was first expected at the 24h of Le Mans in 2013, but at the time its development was not completely finsihed ... It is therefore with great satisfaction...

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Cityscoot launches self-service electric scooters in Paris

Cityscoot had been testing an electric scooter rental scheme in the city of Paris since June 2015. For this experiment, 1,000 electric scooters had been deployed across the city of Paris in 2015. Cityscoot...

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Nikola Motor, already a success, thanks to its innovative powertrain

Nikola Motor is following the footsteps of Tesla, but at a much bigger scale. The company is waging on an electric vehicle just like their mentor; Tesla. But, Nikola Motor is more ambitious since they...

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(VIDEO) E-Go aircraft: serial production set to start this year

Giotto Castelli in his drive for perfection made the remarkably light, compact and accessible airplane.   E-Go offers high flexibility E-Go was constructed from lightweight carbon fiber. The small aircraft...

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Volkswagen designs a unique model to compete with the Tesla model 3

After the huge Dieselgate scandal that tarnished Volkswagen’s image, the company apparently wants to improve its reputation for customers as well as for the competitors. In a way, the company wants to...

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(VIDEO) Selection of design bikes and e-bikes - cycling guide 2016 - LikeBike show

Several times a year we make you share our favorite bikes – mostly on the occasion of Eurobike - whether classic or electric (pedelecs) - is this time at the LikeBike show that we searched for novelties...

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