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2014 Paris Auto Show : Asterion, the first hybrid Lamborghini

After a first teaser at the end of last week with a profile and an electrified logo for only clues, many leaks appear on the web about this Lamborghini Asterion which will be premiered on the 2014 Paris...

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(VIDEO) Kia Optima T-Hybrid, Kia’s diesel hybrid uses an electric compressor and a lead carbon battery!

After the Kia Optima Hybrid (gasoline) sold in the United States and Europe since 2010, Kia will introduce at the Paris Auto Show a diesel hybrid powertrain in its D segment sedan.    Indeed, to reach...

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Passat GTE.jpg

The new Passat will presented in PHEV at the Paris Auto Show - Passat GTE

After presenting the new Passat at the beginning of the summer, for the Paris Auto Show, the eighth generation of VW’s sedan adopts the plug-in hybrid technology already seen in the Golf GTE but in a more...

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Fuel-cell cars, French Post tests MobyPost, the clean deal?

MobyPost is a European project that has been around since 2012, it is now seeing a concrete result with 10 vehicles on the road in France.    MobyPost is a hydrogen vehicle specifically designed for deliveries...

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(VIDEO) Electric Motion 5.7, the electric trial bike success story

In 2011 we told you about the trial electric bikes Electric Motion 5.7 with a first prototype on the EICMA Show, since, it has been launched in 2013 and the French company based in Castries near Montpellier...

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2014 Paris Auto Show: Toyota will present a hybrid crossover

Update of September 15th article with the first images of Toyota's crossover for the C Segment that will compete with the Nissan Juke and Honda HR-V On the occasion of the Paris Auto Show, whose opening...

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VeloCité the Maglev electric bike that reaches 100kph

CarboFibreTec is a German company founded in 2001 and specializes in carbon manufacturing (automotive, aviation ...), as part of a project of the Federal Ministry for Research and Education, they developed...

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(VIDEO) Citroën C4 Cactus Airflow HybridAir 2l

While Peugeot will present a 208 HybridAir consuming only 2 l per 100km on the Paris Auto Show, Citroën could only choose the C4 Cactus as their Hybrid Air demonstrator.   Here is the concept car C4...

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(VIDEO) Renault EOLAB when Renault goes PHEV

We announced it on the 1st September, at the Paris Auto Show, Renault will present its first plug-in hybrid the EOLAB that inaugurates the ZE Hybrid technology, Renault chose a compact, aerodynamic and...

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(VIDEO) ZEHUS Bike+, the most compact e-bike kit doesn't need to be recharged!

Zeus is a compact electrification kit from Italy, more than an electric assistance, it is designed to make your efforts more efficient and does not need to be recharged!    Result of several years of...

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