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(VIDEO) ZEHUS Bike+, the most compact e-bike kit doesn't need to be recharged!

Zeus is a compact electrification kit from Italy, more than an electric assistance, it is designed to make your efforts more efficient and does not need to be recharged!    Result of several years of...

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2014 Paris Auto Show: Toyota will present a hybrid crossover

On the occasion of the Paris Auto Show, whose opening gets closer, Toyota announces the C-HR Concept, a hybrid crossover!    Presented as an innovative concept with bold style - in this segment where...

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(VIDEO) MovPack, the skate pack

MovPack is an electric skateboard with a board that can be folded into a backpack.    Launched by an American company based in Reno, Nevada, this electric skateboard foldable in one movement and easily...

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Eurobike Award 2014, bikes not to be missed!

The Eurobike Show is also an election, the Eurobike Awards for which a committee of experts gather around bikes classified in different categories, as well as parts and accessories.    E-bikes category...

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(VIDEO) Formula-e first race and first crash

While Nicolas Prost had signed the pole during qualifying, followed by two ABT pilots, the situation changed during the race - more specifically on the last lap!    Having secured the pole Nicolas Prost...

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(VIDEO) Electric bikes : Eurobike 2014 trends

Each year, the Eurobike Show gives the trend of the bicycle market, and electric bicycle as this 2014 edition once again puts forward the electrified two wheelers!    More and more recreational models...

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Peugeot going premium with the Exalt HEV sedan

The Exalt concept was originally introduced by Peugeot on the Beijing Auto Show in April 2014, for the Paris Auto Show Salon, Peugeot further tunes its concept.    Presented in preview on the first Concours...

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(VIDEO) Local Motors Strati - the Twizy powered 3D printed electric car

Local Motors is a new generation manufacturer based in the United States, they became famous with the Rally Fighter, a bad-ass 4x4, since, they continue to offer all kinds of funs vehicles including electric...

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Official: partnership between Renault and the Bolloré group

The leader in electric car-sharing and the leader of the electric car market just formalized a partnership today.   The press conference of today follows a letter of intent and focuses on three points:    First,...

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Paris Auto Show, battle for the 2 l per 100km car?

A few days ago we talked about a mysterious Renault Concept car that would consumes less than 2 l per 100km to be introduced at the Paris Auto Show, Peugeot strikes back with the 208 HybridAir, the 208...

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