(VIDEO) KAIST Armadillo-T another vision of the folding electric car

24 August 2013

After the KIST (Korean Institute of Science and Technology) who was working on lithium-air batteries, this time, it is the KAIST, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology who revealed a folding electric vehicle prototype like the Hiriko designed by MIT and currently developed by a European consortium.

Named Armadillo-T the micro-vehicle receives four in-wheel motors and a 13.6kWh battery for a total weight up to 500kg, allowing it to reach a speed of 60kph with a range of around 100km.


Its length goes from 2.8m in drive mode to 1.65m in parking mode, it literally folds in half to reduce its footprint with a rear portion which merges with the front like a shell.

Final details, its doors open in gull-wing and mirrors give way to a camera.

The Armadillo-T is a first prototype and the team that developed the car says that the road to commercialization is still long...

Another ongoing project for KAIST: they developed a technology of wireless charging and a prototype called "OLEV” online electric vehicle. Two buses fitted with this technology are currently being tested in the city on a 24km journey, they are charged in 20kHz, 100kW at an average distance of 17cm from the ground with an efficiency of 80%.

If these tests are successful, by 2015, ten buses of the same type should be on the road!

Via EVWorld

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