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(VIDEO) Peugeot Fractal, a 100% electric hardtop convertible

Yesterday we revealed the first images of Peugeot's Fractal concept-car that will be presented by the brand at the 2015 Frankfurt IAA, and surprise, it is not a plug-in hybrid but a 100% electric!     Indeed...

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Peugeot Fractal : a convertible PHEV sports-car in Frankfurt?

Peugeot gradually reveals some informations on its flagship concept-car of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Peugeot Fractal is a compact sports-car with speedster looks that hides a plug!     It is not...

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New Toyota Prius 2016 - first images!

While the world premiere of the new Toyota Prius is scheduled for September 8th with an official public reveal on the Frankfurt Motor Show, the first images have just emerged on the web!   Best-selling...

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(VIDEO) Tesla Model S P85D - best car in the world?

Tesla Model S P85D best car in the world ... It is the reference of the US car guide - Consumer Reports - who says it!   At Consumer Reports tests are taken seriously, for each test the company buys...

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Eurobike 2015 - highlights

Every year we share our discoveries on the European cycling show Eurobike that gives the trends for the year to come whether it is about classic bikes or electric bikes, once again the market demonstrates...

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NEOX: these electric bikes have a sequential gearbox with integrated e-motor

Discovered and awarded on the Eurobike show, the Italian brand NEOX offers a range of electric bikes based on an innovative technology and a sleek design, all the components are enclosed either in the...

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Venturi VBB-3: 386.757kph a new record in Bonneville

Since the last record set in 2010, Venturi tries each year to smash its record, but is victim of bad weather and so, it is only this year that Venturi was finally able to tackle the Bonneville Salt Flats...

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Nosmoke, the electric Mini Moke officializes its French distributor!

The Nosmoke is an electric Mini Moke built by Noun, a Chinese brand, one year ago we presented you the new model of the brand, now distributed by DUPRAT in France! As the summer and holidays are coming...

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When Roland synthesizers put the electric car in music !

If you have the same eye than us, we have recognized the car, this small electric roadster is the TommykairaZZ in its electric version built by GLM, besides the styling and specs sheet, the electric sports-car...

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(VIDEO) Electric motorcycle: e-Raw, materials and style

The young French designer Martin Hulin wanted to create an electric motorcycle that could appeal to current users of gas motorcycles, "petrolheads" and its prototype wowed us!     The style   The...

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