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(VIDEO) Innvelo, an electric three-wheeler from Germany with futuristic looks

2015 seems to be the year of urban vehicles with three wheels after the E-Car333 and the Spira4U, the arrival on the market of electric microcars designed for urban commuting is growing fast! After...

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Spira4U, a 236kg electric car with foam!

Finalist of the Automotive XPrize held from 2007 to 2010, the concept Spira4U is innovative, it is a very light vehicle that exists in petrol or electric version. Very economical and efficient, the...

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(VIDEO) The University of Cambridge flies an hybrid aircraft

In partnership with Boeing, Cambridge University has developed a single-seat aircraft with a parallel hybrid technology. Starting from a single-seat aircraft available on the market (brand and model...

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E-Car 333, an electric microcar with three wheels from Belgium!

During the Brussels Auto Show, the Company E-Car 333 has revealed an electric three-seater microcar with three wheels in pre-series version!   Belgian and durable construction Its designer Xavier Van...

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Charging network, alliance between VW and BMW in the United States

Volkswagen and BMW have announced an agreement with Chargepoint to set up a fast charging network on the East and West Coasts of the United States. While Tesla was starting to setup the US territory...

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New Audi Q7, now available in plug-in hybrid e-tron quattro

On the NAIAS Audi presents its flagship SUV replacement, the Q7, we will introduce the most eco friendly version, the Q7 e-tron 3.0TDI. Plug-in Audi Q7 - a first! After the A3 e-tron Sportback first...

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Hyperloop, Elon Musk wants you to travel at 1000kph in tubes!

Elon Musk – again – plans to revolutionize mobility and transport, having revolutionized the automobile with Tesla, space with Space X, he now attacks the short-haul with the ultra fast Hyperloop. In...

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RayttleE28 (3).jpg

(VIDEO) Renault Twizy Chinese clone has doors, costs half!

Here is further evidence of the Chinese know-how in copies, a replica of the Renault Twizy named Rayttle E28, it announces more autonomy for a price halved! The manufacturer's name is Zhejiang Litong...

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Chevrolet Bolt, GM’s answer to the Leaf is a $30,000 and 200miles range crossover

For the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet presents the 100% electric pendant of its Volt - whose new model, more consensual is also unveiled on the show - here's a new electric car following the Chevrolet Spark...

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Cross Coupé GTE, the new Touareg gets a 360hp plug-in hybrid engine

On the occasion of the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen presents another SUV concept called Cross Coupe but in a plug-in hybrid version, GTE! The GTE powertrain was the center of attention in all the VW...

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