(VIDEO) Flying Electron, a French project of electric plane (CC01e)

18 November 2012

The Flying Electron is the story of a special “canard”, nicknamed “canard” (duck) because of its design, the CC01 which is used as base for the Flying Electron is an aircraft designed ten years ago by Claude Chudzik a “pusher” type aircraft with a propeller placed at the rear, as some of Burt Rutan’s creations.


Initially equipped with an internal combustion engine, the project had been abandoned due to a technical failure on takeoff and lack of time. But Claude Chuzik and Frederic Laude in partnership with Electravia decided to revive the plane with an electric version, the CC01e.

CC01e_Flying-electron (5).jpg

Electravia provides motor, battery and controller to this electric plane that targets a new speed record. And with its 50hp motor (two times more powerful than the combustion version), the Flying Electron should reach 300kph.

CC01e_Flying-electron (2).jpg

Earlier this month the first tests of the electric motor have been completed and the first flight of electric CC01 is expected soon.

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