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Youxia X – This Chinese company wants to challenge Tesla’s upcoming model 3... with a clone!

Youxia Motors is a new Chinese company / manufacturer led by the 28 year old Huang Xiuyuan whose ambition is reminiscent of a certain Elon Musk! Indeed the young Chinese first dreamt of this Youxia then...

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HondaSV_NSX_J (1).jpg

NSX J - A Mysterious Honda Sports Concept in the Silicon Valley R&D center

In Honda’s latest R&D center located in the Silicon Valley, the brand teases through social networks a concept unknown until then, a sporty coupe which is already called Baby NSX on the web!!     On...

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Pikes Peak 2015, won by an electric car - eO PP03!!

For several years, electric vehicles stand out in car races such as the Pikes Peak Hill Climb where they perform better with the altitude than combustion vehicles... Last year's Pikes Peak race had...

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A cool electric car coming from Morgan, the EV3

In 2011, the legendary English sports car brand, Morgan, launched the equally mythical 3 wheeler / cycle car, a nut shell with spoked wheels and a motorcycle engine at the front for a devastating look...

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Velantur Art-Tech, Spain wants a luxury electric vehicle

Here is the first image of the electric car project Velantur Art-Tech, a vehicle designed for "exclusive vehicles enthusiasts’."   Velantur Cars is a joint venture between two Spanish companies, on one...

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(VIDEO) A world record with a Hoverboard

We constantly introduce the latest innovations in mobility and futuristic transportation devices, we have already presented various flying machines whether identified or not, including hoverboards - often...

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TUM Create_EVA.jpg

(VIDEO) TUM Create EVA is the electric taxi capitals need

During the EV Taiwan Show in 2013, we presented  the TUM Create University and their concept of electric scooter but the university based in Singapore was also working on a project of much larger scale,...

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Ubco_2x2_electricbike (2).jpg

(VIDEO) UBCO 2x2, a 2WD electric motorcycle half cross / cargo !!

If you cannot choose between a cross or utility bike here is the UBCO 2x2, an electric motorcycle or rather electric moped (limited to 45kph) simple, efficient and versatile. The UBCO 2x2 concept...

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(VIDEO) BMW 330e, the first plug-in hybrid 3 Series arrives in 2016

After series hybrid sedans on the ActiveHybrid 3 Series, 5 and 7, next year, BMW goes to the next level with plug-in hybrids, the 330e!   The first informations (preliminary) on this car show a combined...

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Exclusive - La Ferrari Crash in China

After a 918 Spyder last December, it is this time to LaFerrari to be sadly crashed in China, once again, the driver seems very young !! Here are the first exclusive images of a LaFerrari that has just...

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