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Renault: a mysterious frugal concept car for Paris

To face the Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid and Peugeot with its Hybrid Air technology, Renault seems determined to show he has not completely forgotten the combustion engine and should present at the Paris Auto...

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(VIDEO) Bonneville Speedweek: 434kph with a car and 387kph on a motorbike

While the Bonneville Speedweek was disrupted by floods, two electric vehicles achieved some records, the Venturi VBB-3 and the KillaJoule    For the Venturi VBB-3, despite a track shortened by a third...

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(VIDEO) Malloy Aero works on an hover-bike, produces a test Drone to keep you waiting!

Remember, in 2011 we introduced the Chris Malloy's flying motorcycle, originally fitted with two ducted propellers and a gasoline engine, thanks to kickstarter the project goes on and they just launched...

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Radinn (2).jpg

(VIDEO) Radinn, the electric wakeboard

We don’t know if they will sell yet but if you are looking for an electric surfboard you will have the choice!    Indeed, after the Waterwolf here is Radinn a electric surfboard – more specifically a...

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New Volvo XC90 limited series and plug-in hybrid (T8)

Here is the new Volvo XC90 whose first units will be available in limited edition of 1927 copies named First Edition but this time and even if this strategy had been successful with the V60 plug-in, this...

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Pipistrel_Alpha_Electro (3).jpg

WATTsUP Pipistrel, the Alpha Electro electric trainer

The aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel makes the headlines again with a new electric airplane based on an existing model the Alpha, it is called WATTsUP    The WATTsUP or ALPHA ELECTRO is a two-seat training...

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Venturi VBB3 Goes for the record run on a shorter track

After a session of the 2013 Bonneville Speedweek canceled, the team Venturi with the Ohio State University has been able to test the record electric car VBB-3 for the first time in 2014 on the salt lake!   Indeed,...

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AEAC SunFlyer: an electric aircraft for training purposes

If you read our "air" section that talks - among other flying objects - of electric airplanes, you certainly know the brand PC Aero and their Elektra One, here's an evolution the AEAC Sun Flyer or E1   This...

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Electric Saab 9-3 by NEVS, credible?

The brand SAAB is owned by NEVS, a Chinese company since 2012 While rumors of bankruptcy for NEVS were circulating on the web last week, NEVS answers by showing a prototype of electric Saab 9-3!   First...

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Kulan by PolyLab, the tractor of the future

Poly Lab is a consortium formed by 14 innovative German companies that has been formed to explore a niche, the farm utility vehicles.    Developed after two years of research and development, this prototype...

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