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e-Kick electric kickscooter by Peugeot

At the occasion of the launch of the new 3008, Peugeot unveiled an electric kickscooter developed in partnership with Micro - more than a prototype, it is a vehicle that will be launched for the end of...

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(VIDEO) The renewal of French plug-in hybrids and EVs by Peugeot-Citroen arrives in 2019

During their innovation days, PSA introduced two platforms that give the next tech orientations of the brand - the plug-in hybrid gasoline based on the EMP2 platform and the electrified CMP platform.   Gasoline...

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(VIDEO) Lightrider - the first 3D printed electric motorcycle 50 units at 50,000€

Here is a historical electric motorcycle, this is the first 3D printed electric motorcycle - Local Motors had already initiated the movement with the electric citycar Strati - AP Works, a German subsidiary...

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Electric sedan: the Citroën E-Elysée debuts in Beijing

Among Citroen's reveals at the 2016 Citroën Beijing Motor Show 2016, we find the revival of the C6 with its style between the Peugeot 508 and Passat, but especially an electric version of the C-Elysée...

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VW_T-Prime GTE (4).jpg

(VIDEO) The new plug-in hybrid Touareg presented in Beijing - T-Prime GTE

This is the Beijing Motor Show that Volkswagen has chosen to reveal the concept-car that foreshadows the new Touareg, this reveal comes with the announcement of the arrival of 7 new plug-in and electric...

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(VIDEO) Shell Project M a carbon fiber micro city-car with a Smart ForTwo engine

Shell has revealed a technology demonstrator, a very efficient micro city car developed in partnership with Gordon Murray     Shell emphasizes the efficiency of gasoline engines for many years with...

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(VIDEO) Kosynier electric bikes with vintage Harley looks

As you know, we have a very pronounced taste for design electric bikes, here is the Kosynier project pedelecs and ebikes with vintage look, assembled by hand by artisans from locally manufactured parts...

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LeECO_LeSEE (2).jpg

(VIDEO) LeECO LeSEE, the Chinese electric and autonomous sedan that targets the Tesla Model S

Teased several months ago, here are the first images of the Chinese electric sedan designed by the Chinese Netflix, LeTV, a very successful company that gives to its co-founder Jia Yueting ambitions and...

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First facelift for the 2016 Tesla Model S

While the Model 3 is still all over the web after its official reveal on April 1st, then first spotting on open roads and finally a number of pre-orders, which rose from 115,000 on the first day to 325.000...

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(VIDEO) The autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid drives in the dark with no lights!

While autonomous car fleets are already on the roads in real life tests like the Google Car in California or the Nissan Leaf in Japan, Ford makes a demonstration of their technology developed with the...

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